Author: jess

Between the Sheets

In my pre-teen years, a radio program called “Between the Sheets” ran out of Philadelphia. It was less dirty than it sounds. People could call in and request songs for their significant other, and tell a 20-second-or-so story about why said significant other was the best. Michael is just the best boyfriend ever. He tells […]

French Filmery

Watch movies in Spanish and read the local paper. This is the mantra of practically everyone here who has learned the language, and I think it’s good advice. This morning I woke up too late to get the paper, so I decided to try out a (non-children’s) movie at the theater up the street. You […]


You walk into the Cine Café because you’re hungry—really hungry. You’ve been in class all morning and just walked 35 minutes in thick crowds, and you see empty tables, so you jump on it. Huge, unframed posters of Laurel and Hardy line the walls. Everything else is yellow, soothing, almost gold, and the place smells […]