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Stop Facebook Stalking Your Ex and Read this Web Site

Want to use your late-night internet time for something that won’t make you feel ashamed? Then read this wonderful, wonderful site by my writer friend Ben Wilkins, Orange Hat Comics. There ( you’ll find amazing comics, essays, reviews, and a few other non-categorizable (?!) things to make you laugh and think and be wowed. Really, […]

Deleting A History

I am really thrilled to have a new essay up at The Chronicle of Higher Education. The piece explores a conflict I’ve been dealing with for a while now–turning my old, very corporate resume into a new academic curriculum vitae as I apply for teaching jobs. The details are all there, so I won’t go […]

APA, MLA, AP…Is it all BS?

I wanted to pass along a great article from The Chronicle of Higher Education about “citation obsession.” The author, Kurt Schick, argues that we should be placing way more emphasis on ideas and the synthesis of sources than we do on a perfect works cited page. This confirms my general outlook: I care less about […]

Solitary Women, Raise Your Appendages

This week was one of my favorites in terms of teaching, as I got to repeat a lesson plan I created (more like stole, really, and adapted) a couple years back. And, as usual, the results from my students were hilarious. My classes are inching up to their least favorite point in the semester: the […]

Now Read This: Domestic Violets

I’m late in getting the word out on this, particularly as I finished reading Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman four days after I got it (which was over two months ago now), but still, I just have to brag. Author Matt Norman is a good friend from way back. For several excrutiating years we sat […]

Some Great Advice for Creative Folks

Greetings, and happy feels-like-fall-finally September. Just thought I’d take a minute to share a great, short video with some advice for writers and other creative folks from the wonderful Ira Glass, of This American Life mega fame. The visuals were put together by a guy named David Shiyang Liu, and I dig ’em: Ira Glass […]