Quick Publication Update

Instead of making excuses for the lack of consistency on this blog (The crazy number of classes I teach! The grading! Friday Night Lights on Netflix! Sorry, these are not even good excuses…), I will simply jump right in and say that I have had some good publication news lately that I wanted to share.

First, I had a brief essay appear in The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine a few weeks back, complete with some cool original artwork. I was lucky enough to have a few random people in the Boston area (friends of my brother and a second cousin) send me a couple of copies, so I got to see it in print last week, which was super cool. You can view it here.

Also, I have an odd kind-of essay/kind-of experimental prose poem-type of thing in the fall issue of The South Loop Review. The piece is called “Compulsion without Recourse.”

And finally, I have a piece of flash nonfiction (again, though, something close to a prose poem as well, depending on who you ask) in the “Aberration” issue of Composite Arts.

Hurrah for a good couple of months!


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