Creative Publications

Imagining My Grandfather Eating Samosas

Full Grown People, June 2016

The Details of the Devil

Profane, December 2015

How to Eat Cheese

Aftertastes, Spring 2015


Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and the Fine Arts, Winter/Spring 2015 issue


Puff Puff Prose Poetry and a Play (poem), Volume III, 2015

What the Websites Tell Me to Do

The Rumpus, April 22, 2014

Because it is 1997

Toad, December 2013

Sleep in the Week that Follows

Ayris (poem), October 2013


The Superstition Review, October 2013, issue 11

I Tell You Something

Redux Journal (reprint),

Imaginary Sons

The Citron Review, December 2012

Things You Cannot Do with a Baby

Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, September 30, 2012

Compulsion without Recourse

The South Loop Review, Fall 2012

An Inn on the Coast of Kerry County

Composite Arts, Summer 2012 issue

In a Relationship With:

Forty-Ounce Bachelors: An Electro-Literary Playground, February 2012

Excuses for Late English 112, Section 004 Papers from a Large, Unnamed Community College in Virginia

Defenestration, August 2011


Silk Road, Summer 2011

I Tell You Something

Adanna Literature, Summer 2011

On the Music of Distraction

Phoebe, Spring 2011

Aligning the Internal Compass

The Colorado Review (later published in Best American Travel Writing of 2011), March 2010


Hot Metal Bridge, Fall 2009

Reading Shame

Alalitcom, Summer 2009


flashquake, Summer 2009