Speaking Engagements

Below is a sampling of past paper presentations, invited talks, and readings. For a more detailed list, please see my curriculum vitae.

“Don’t Edit—Teach: Strategies for Mentoring Writers”

Society for Technical Communication (STC) Summit, May 2016

“Please Like Us: Using the Kardashians, Role-playing, and Social Media Marketing in the Writing Classroom”

2016 SW Pedagogy and Popular/American Culture Association Conference (Pedagogy and Popular Culture area), Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 2016

“Blending the Old School with the New: Reflection in Online Internship-Related Courses”

National Society for Experiential Education Annual Conference, collaboration with Anne Scammon, GW’s Managing Director for Curricular and Strategic Initiatives, St. Petersburg, Florida, October 2015

“Writing and Academic Integrity for English Language Learners”

GW University Teaching and Learning Collaborative Workshop, Incorporating International Students Better into Classroom Learning: Challenges and Benefits, May 2015

“The ‘Official Story’: Using Memory as a Framework to Teach Writing and Critical Thinking Skills”

Memory in Action: Remembering the Past, Negotiating the Present, and Imagining the Future, an International Humanities Conference on Memory, Lincoln University, Oxford, Pennsylvania, March 2015

“Research for Narrative Writing”

Nonfiction MFA Course, George Mason University, Spring 2015

“Fostering Transfer in (Almost) Authentic Situations: Professional Writing in the First-Year Composition Classroom”

CCCC, Tampa, FL, March 2015

“Writing with Feeling: Emotion Inside and Outside of the Classroom”

NCTE Annual Convention, Washington, DC, November 2014

“Emotional Truth, New Narratives, and Where We Draw the Accuracy Line: Interdisciplinary Student Work on Truth and Memory”

Story of Memory Conference, University of Roehampton, London, UK, September 2014

“Nonfiction Reading”

New Leaves Conference, George Mason University, October 2013

“Career Change: A Different Kind of Success”

The George Washington University’s Career Development Summer Institute, June 2012