You walk into the Cine Café because you’re hungry—really hungry. You’ve been in class all morning and just walked 35 minutes in thick crowds, and you see empty tables, so you jump on it. Huge, unframed posters of Laurel and Hardy line the walls. Everything else is yellow, soothing, almost gold, and the place smells good, like meat and bread. You order some kind of sandwich with ingredients that do not appear in your Spanish-English dictionary, and you’re excited by the mystery. Fifteen minutes later, a plate is set in front of you, just to the right of your Spanish homework. On the plate sits a steak three times the size of its adequately large bun. The steak is covered in tomato slices and after wrestling with knives and, literally, bending a fork in half against the heft of the sandwich, you realize there is ham beneath the steak, and cheese and lettuce, too. As you manhandle the sandwich, stuffing chunks of meat back between the ham and lettuce, you map your pedestrian route to the park and museum you plan on visiting after you leave the café. Because you are hungry, and because it is billed as “lunch” and costs $4, you feel it is reasonable to eat a significant portion of this meal.

You are wrong. This is unreasonable, and results in abandoning your plans for sightseeing and, instead, stretching out on your bed with a book in order to avoid vomiting.

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  1. you’ll never survive southside with that attitude missy!

  2. Dam, that sandwich sounds pretty good !!

  3. To make you feel at home upon your return, I will be requesting Argentinian steak day at southside. Oh, and because that meal sounds delicious.

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