“What You Need to Know”–Now in Comic Form!

This is just too cool. Seriously.

Some of you may have read a post I wrote a while back about my ESL students’ presentations at the end of a summer session, in which they presented on the topic of “What You Need to Know About Living in America.” Well, that little post just got a whole lot cooler, as my good friend Benjamin Wilkins, who is crazy talented in all ways written/drawn/photo-manipulated/spoken/racquetball-related, has now made it into a comic, posted here, on his fantastic Web site, Orange Hat Comics.

It’s so cool to see this first, of course, because Ben is my friend and he’s talking about me and my hilarious, wonderful students, but also just because the images he’s created to enhance the text blow this little anecdote up into fascinating, really funny, social commentary proportions. I love it, and I’m so stoked that my writing was lucky enough to have been a little comic idea spark. Thanks, Ben.

(Note: If you get to this after it is no longer the Comic of the Week, you should be able to view it in the Orange Hat Comics archives.)

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