Month: July 2009


I take it back. All of it. The trash I talked about the food here is irrelevant now after eating at La Cabrera last night. I’d read about the restaurant before I came to Buenos Aires, and the recommendation was confirmed by my cousin Rachel, who spent some time here earlier this year. Apparently, the […]


Where I grew up in New Jersey, there wasn’t a lot of ethnically diverse cuisine, but there were Italian restaurants every 50 feet, and almost all of them were good. As such, I never really opened a menu, because any decent Italian place serves ravioli, which has been my favorite meal since approximately age five. […]

Between the Sheets

In my pre-teen years, a radio program called “Between the Sheets” ran out of Philadelphia. It was less dirty than it sounds. People could call in and request songs for their significant other, and tell a 20-second-or-so story about why said significant other was the best. Michael is just the best boyfriend ever. He tells […]

French Filmery

Watch movies in Spanish and read the local paper. This is the mantra of practically everyone here who has learned the language, and I think it’s good advice. This morning I woke up too late to get the paper, so I decided to try out a (non-children’s) movie at the theater up the street. You […]