Advice for Keeping (Writing) New Year’s Resolutions

Lose weight.
Relax more.
Read more classic literature.
Get eight hours of sleep a night…

Each year, I resolve to do almost the exact same things. Occasionally one sticks (“apply to and quit your job for an MFA program”), but more often, they don’t (“go to the gym four times a week”).

And my writing resolutions are often the trickiest, as life and teaching and family and sleep often override my writing time–this is tricky, of course, because sometimes these things should override it. But usually not. This year, though, has been a particularly good writing year overall, and I’m psyched to have 2013 be an even better one.

Enter Anjali Sachdeva, one of the wonderful folks at Creative Nonfiction, who has published this pretty reasonable and definitely helpful guide to help you “Keep Your Writing Resolution This Year.” I found it helpful and exciting as I plan for my new year, and I hope you will too.

For now, I’m off to walk more, and sleep, and read classic literature. Catch you in 2013!

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