I Don’t Write Beat Poetry, But…

Because this blog is evolving to be kind of an all-things-book-related repository (with posts about writing, reading, teaching people to read and write better, etc.), I though I’d share this photo taken of me just kitty corner to the famous City Lights bookstore in San Francisco. Yup, those are floating books that light the street corner from above.

Also, because it was super fun, one shot of the fake tattoos my friend Christian and I wore for our afternoon in Santa Cruz. We look incredibly hard, right?

And lastly, for good measure, here’s a photo of me on the Oakland-to-San Francisco ferry (read: here’s a picture of me that is unrelated, but does not make me look ridiculous).

It was a kickass trip in which I got lots of reading and writing done, as well as biking, walking, wine drinking, and catching up with one of my oldest friends. Success!

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